Credit Tips for getting a Home Loan

Mortgage With No Credit Score in California

There are many people out there that want to get a mortgage to buy a home but for some reason they have no credit scores that report to the credit bureaus.  The main reason for this is these borrowers do not have any lines of credit that report to the credit bureaus.  They do not […]

Calculating Your Debt-To-Income Ratio For a FHA Loan

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI) calculation is a very important part of the loan qualification process.  FHA home loans happen to allow the highest DTI of any home loan available today.  For example, FHA home loans will generally allow a borrower to go up to a 55% DTI with only 3.5% down payment.  Conventional home loans with […]

Mortgage With Bad Credit in San Diego

In the last six months or so, home loan lenders have been getting less restrictive in terms of credit requirements for home loans.  You may be able to qualify for a mortgage with “bad credit” in San Diego.  When your credit score is below 620, FHA is generally the best option.  We have options where […]

Get Rid of FHA Mortgage Insurance With Refinance to Conventional

In the past 18 months real estate prices have risen in California enough in many cases for borrowers to refinance out of FHA loans with high monthly mortgage insurance to conventional loans at 80% or less loan-to-value with NO mortgage insurance.  If you have a FHA loan in California, don’t hesitate to contact me to […]

FHA Loan Credit Score Requirements In California

FHA home loans have more lenient credit quality requirements than conventional loans.  FHA will often allow a applicant to be approved for a FHA home loan even if their FHA loan credit score is not perfect.  Below are some facts about FHA loan credit requirements: You can get a FHA loan two years after a […]