FHA Loans and Termite Work

Most older houses have some level of termite damage that exists in the house structure.   And most purchase offers made by buyers call out as a condition to their offer that the buyer will do a pest inspection and the seller will be responsible to fix any section 1 termite damage.  Section 2 termite damage is more serious and not generally paid for by the seller, but of course can be negotiated to be cleared by the seller.

In the old days of FHA loans you had to get a termite clearance before the lender would fund your loan regardless of whether you called for a termite inspection in your purchase contract or not.  But these days if you do not ask for a termite inspection in your purchase contract, you will not have to get a termite clearance to get the FHA loan.

Now if you feel that your seller will pay for the termite work, it can be helpful to call out the termite report inspection as a contingency of your purchase.  But if you feel the seller will not pay of the termite work, you may want to leave the termite inspection out of the contract.  Because once it is in the contract, you will need a clearance before you close.  And if the seller will not pay for the work, the buyer will have to pay for it.

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